Dave Food Blog - Movie Food Review - Fall (2022)

Before we get started, I just wanted to inform you that I don't know what the rules are for using movie posters or stills.  I don't know if I am allowed to use them.  But, I do know I can use pictures I make on Canva.  So to be safe, I will be using images I made myself instead of official pictures.  On the bright side, I think I'm getting really good at Canva.

You'll see!

I just watched this movie on Netflix called Fall. It’s a movie where these 2 girls decide to climb up this really tall abandoned TV tower in the middle of the desert. And then they get trapped at the very top. 

Just to give you some context to how high this tower is, picture in your mind this scene in the movie before they find the tower.  Becky and Hunter are in the only diner in this town close to this dumb tower that they are going to climb:

Excuse me, do you have somewhere I could charge my phone?

Power ain’t free, ma’am.

(The one that falls)
Oh, and do you know where the B67 TV Tower is? We can’t find it on the map.

You don’t need a map. You see that light way up there? That’s your tower.

That’s insanely high.

This might be the blog that gets me fired from doing a blog.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the girl that doesn’t fall, kills a vulture with her bare hands, rips it open and eats the vulture raw. All while being at the very top of this very high tower.

I always thought that you wouldn’t even be able to eat a vulture. Like is it edible? Is it eatable? Is it poison? Is it food?

 I feel that it is only fair to give you more context into how bad it was for Becky before the whole incident.  This is a scene up on the top of that tower, after being stranded there for a couple of days I think:

I can’t survive another night.

(Already Dead)
Becky, don’t talk like that.

I just – I just wanna sleep.

You can’t sleep. The vultures, they can smell your leg. They’re waiting for you to give up, so they can attack.

(Has Bad Wound On Leg)
Survival of the fittest.

You need energy. We should eat something.

What!? We’re 2000 feet up in the middle of the desert. There’s no food up here.

If you have any copyright-free art inspired by the movie Fall (2022) please post it in the comments if you can even do that.

So Can You Eat A Vulture?

You probably don’t want to. I don’t think it would taste very good.

I mean, if you can catch and kill a vulture while standing on a small platform 2000 feet up in the air... You’ve definitely earned the right to eat it of you want.  Like why climb things that tall? Dumb idea with gravity and all.

I researched googled it and found that there are cultures that do eat vultures.  Considering what vultures actually eat, they might not be the best thing to eat.  If you are interested, here is some further reading.

Ok, let’s get right to the meat of the matter.

Can you eat a vulture?


Should you eat a vulture?


They are scavengers that eat carrion and I don’t think they are that concerned with how their dead dinner got dead. The meat is also tough and not very appetizing. Also, a lot of vultures are endangered… so don’t be a dick and actively try to eat a vulture.

With all that in mind, this is a food blog.

How Would You Cook A Vulture?

First of all, I would cook it.  No vulture sushi for me.

Since it is known to be a tough meat, I would probably cook it low and slow. Probably a braise.

I’m also thinking that I’d want it to be very spicy. With lots of tasty hot peppers and Ghost Taco as a seasoning.

I also think the tough meat would greatly benefit from salting overnight.

Eaten with a spicy slaw and an extra helping of antibiotics.

In conclusion, you can but probably don’t want to eat vulture.  It’s edible but maybe not very eatable. I think.  Not raw.  Please don’t eat poultry raw.

Love, Dave

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