Fried Maple Mustard Smelts

We live close to the water, so every year around this time fisherman park and take a walk down to the water to do some ice fishing. Our friend took a walk down to see how it was going and received a nice greeting in the form of some amazingly fresh smelts. Which we were lucky to have inherited. Having never cooked smelts, he told us that a guy he knows likes to deep fry them coated in dill pickle chips! Why yes, that sounds like the perfect coating. So we tried just that, adding our own little spin on them.

Introducing our first time ever cooking smelts. Beginners luck because damn they are good. Here’s what we did, of course incorporating one of our custom spices, Maple Mustard Hamonizer, adds the perfect seasoning. Fresh smelts, cleaned and pat dry (this batch made 10, yes we ate all 10)