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On our YouTube segment 'Dave Calls While you Make Food'. Such a fun way to collab while cooking with your favourite spice blends. Long form on YouTube with video shorts extracted for social sharing.

Recipe Development

We are obsessed with making new recipes that align with our customers values; molded to relate to a variety of audiences, we can tailor one just for you to share with your customers.

In-Store Demo's

In-Store demo's are gold! We'll find a way to set one up in your location upon request to get people trying it!

Giveaway Contest

How fun is it to run a social media giveaway! It helps combine our audiences to build awareness and excitement.

Video and Photo Shoutouts

From social media, video content and live shows; we'll name drop and shout from the roof our new partnerships!

Website Highlights

We can't wait to highlight your store on our store locator and give it some front page love upon intro orders!
Melissa Mountain
Mountain 2 Inc.
(902) 220-6811

Purity Life
(519) 853-3511
After trying the product ...

Taste and Smells like you're eating Fresh Herbs..

"I love the amount of herb flavour on this spice, it tastes and smells like you are eating fresh herbs and spices. I love that it does not taste too salty like a lot of other spice blends."


A few weeks after using the product

I've been using the Glowing Skin Serum now

"The serum is lightweight and absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue. I've noticed a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines, and my complexion looks more even."

Laura M - 30 yeas old