Our Story

Dave and Sarah in the kitchen.

We used to be farmers.

When we first developed our company, we had recently moved from city life to country living. Where we became knee deep in organic-inspired vegetables and busy in the sugar shack making maple syrup. We once had 75 tomato plants and 65 hot pepper plants, all grown without pesticides. I hand picked off potato bugs and Dave shoo’d off the deer at 2 in the morning. Sure, it sounded like a wonderful thing we had going. But in the end, Dave and I were sh!++y farmers. Our beans were too big, our tomatoes split, my cilantro always bolted and we couldn’t keep those little green worms out of our cabbage family greens. Our maple syrup? Oh that was still awesome, and it will continue to be a hobby again when we have the time.

Yet we were still inspired by the county living in so many ways. It forced us to dive deep into creating our own ingredients as well as try our hands out on new things. So we baked, we sauced, we smoked, we seasoned – we made candy!

When we took our vegetables to the farmers market as the ‘Big Cove Foods farmers’ – we didn’t have anything to sell from our garden yet, just our Maple Syrup. Our table looked empty! So we started taking our home creations to the people. We introduced our salted caramels, then more candy creations, then jams and jellies, then cocktail syrups and then Dave’s spice blends.

Our company has naturally pivoted toward the cooking side as we served food in the market kitchen and started the Big Cove Foods ‘Sunday BBQ’.  

We continue to create food recipes with our spice blends because we truly believe it to be a saving aid in the kitchen. You don’t have to be a good cook to get delicious results.

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