Our Story

Life, and cooking, are more fun
when you mix it up a bit

When Sarah and Dave left Toronto for the Northern shore of Nova Scotia, they imagined it would be for a month or so. The plan was to stay at the 250-year-old farmhouse that had been in Dave’s family for generations. Dave would work at the family butcher shop while Sarah started farming vegetables on land.

One small adjustment: the couple missed all the diverse, super flavourful food options within walking distance of their old place in Toronto. So Dave began mixing his own spice blends to bring those meals to life, and Sarah decided they should sell them, along with their homemade jams, hot sauce and now-famous caramels, at the local farmer’s market.

They loved being immersed in market life, making connections with the folks who grew their food, while cooking and serving meals. It deepened Sarah and Dave’s respect and appreciation for where food comes from and how much fun it can be to share it with others. This experience is what propelled them to build Big Cove Foods into what it is today: not just a line of delicious products, but a desire to connect and find community through food.

That short stay in the county became a decade of building a life and a business. Sarah and Dave put down roots, and are growing a family at the same farmhouse where it all began.

And that’s where you’ll find them – cooking and developing recipes together. Dave knocking out more new and innovative blends while Sarah drives the business and makes it all look delicious. Together, they’re still finding new ways to mix it up and have fun.

They’d love to show you what’s possible. And they dare you to eat just one salted caramel.