We grew from 2, to a spice team of 8
- with our local social enterprise.

The moment we knew we had to scale our business, we wanted to do it in a way that built up our community as well. The stars aligned when we met with our local social enterprise, Summerstreet industries, who were interested in the world of co-packing. They have a mission to create opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities through programs, work placements and general support in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. We grew from one person to a spice team of 8 with our local social enterprise, bringing diversity and community under one “spicey” roof.
OUR Packaging
Our spice team toasts, grinds, and blends our authentic flavours into environmentally conscious packaging. 

• Glass jars and #2 recyclable plastic pouches to bring these flavours into your kitchens in a way you can feel good about. 
• Easy to reuse, or rinse and recycle, we are always on the hunt to create a more environmentally friendly product line. 

Efforts: We initially used compostable pouches, but we found that most municipalities do not allow “compostable packaging” in their compost facility thus creating more waste in the landfills! We quickly pivoted to number 2 recyclable plastic which is easily recycled everywhere.

In this same effort, our house and business is powered by alternative energy from BullFrog Power, further reducing our environmental footprint.
giving back
Big Cove Foods is part of the 1% for the Planet program, donating 1% of our yearly revenue to vetted charities to further help our planet's future. 

Cooking with local products is a passion of ours! We use our platform to create hundreds of recipes using local ingredients and simple meal solutions to make cooking at home more achievable for everyone. This provides our customers and online community with accessible recipes to make mealtime more delicious and easy to put together. Our local community is important to us, another way we try to support it is by cooking some of these recipes to our local homeless shelter, Viola’s Place. We cook/bake right in their kitchen to provide fresh nutritious food to their clientele. Simple items like muffins and soups can really stretch out and support as many people as we can.