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Crazy Good Flavours,
from our kitchen to yours.
“I love working with Big Cove Foods line up. Imaginative, inspiring and always fresh. A staple in my chefs arsenal”

Chef Dany Duguay

“I can't stop, it's like all I never knew I needed in my food”

Jennifer Rafuse

“If you know me...I aim for simple, quick, whole foods...and I have to tell you @bigcovefoods helps SO MUCH with these goals!”

Cathy Munro - Bramble Hill Farm

“The spice blends are versatile and delicious. I know I have an ace in my pocket when doing my meal prep with their spices.”

LJS Optimize

“This is a true time saver and the blends are so versatile and high quality you will be eating gourmet without the hassle of manually finding and preparing each herb and spice for your dish -all the work is done! 


“The spices from Big Cove Foods make everything we cook so much better! They give us so many more options and inspiration for meal ideas, and they liven up and energize our old favourites.”

Leah Sanford

"What an amazing product from an awesome family with a great story! Brought food back to life for me! Must try."


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We traded our city life for country living - and it completely changed the way we ate.

When you can’t even get a pizza delivered, you quickly learn to cook more for yourself. To get those foods you crave, your need to cook from scratch. Turns out, we loved it!

These blends were created to inspire you in your kitchen, the same way the country lifestyle inspired us almost a decade ago.

Dave & Sarah - Co-Founders
Imagine having a fridge full of delicious ingredients - 
and all you have to do is choose a flavour to take the guess work out of dinner - and make you feel like a bada** chef!

Deliciously complex spice blends adding serious flavour to your pantry essentials - every time.

Are you ready to try something new?

Blends with a Social Impact

We started working first with Wanda (far left) in our small commercial kitchen. Now look at this spice team! Working in their own co-packing space at Summer Street Industries. Each having found something they excel at and love on the production line.

Summer Street Industries is a social enterprise here in Pictou County; working with their clients to bring new opportunities for a healthy work life balance.

We were able to grow this team, these opportunities, because of you!


asked questions

Have you a question?

Are they gluten free?

Yes. We have our products tested to ensure no gluten has snuck its way into our blends in any way.

What if I don't know what to do with them?

Hey - we're on this journey with you! We are constantly showing you new ways to use use spice blends all the time to add a quick flavour to anything you're already cooking. Just follow our social, or browse our recipe blog to see all the ways we use them at home. That's right - those recipes our mainly what our family is about to enjoy, as they all wait patiently for me to take a decent photo 😄

I don't like paying shipping, where can I find your blends?

No problem-o! We have over 100 different store locations. Just check out our store locator and find your area. Not in your area? Drop us a message - we'll try to find our way to you. and Healthy Planet are a few national e-commerce stores ready to serve you too!

Do you have any promo codes?

Why, yes! If you sign up for our newsletter below we send you a welcome email that includes a discount for your first order!! We know you're going to fall in love with these bold flavours.

Are they spicy?

They all have a slight kick, some more than others. We believe there's a lot of depth in flavours that comes from a little heat - adding layers to this blends experience. Each blend has a heat meter on the jar to show a rough ratio of heat-ness before you try it out.