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Cooking With Spice Blends

Chicken with White Bean and Artichoke

You are going to love how the power of a spice blend transforms this super easy, one-pot meal.

It's versatility makes this dish a stand out winner for your new weekly meal rotations. Try it with a different Big Cove spice blend, swap out artichoke for red pepper, use whole chicken and don't bother cutting it up! (*see recipe notes)

Express yourself and get creative with the power of a good spice blend.

Recipe Here

Mary's Testimonials

I was looking for a quick mix to spice up my steak and came across this blend. Although it says lamb, the spices worked really well with the steak. I love that it's quick and painless. I don't have to figure out my own spice blend, I'm able to quickly reach for a high quality product that I know I can count on. I'm definitely going to restock when I run out!


Love love love, can't say enough good things about this blend. I tried the small pouch and just gave it a try and man was I surprised with how good it was. I am now a new fan of curated packs of spices, just tastes authentic. The only issue I had was it was pricier than transitional spices which I could see could drive some customers away.


Super happy with this purchase! this spice has a fresh taste and is so versatile! First night we purchased this we marinated chicken in this spice and added the BBQ. The following night we added to grilled potatoes. So tasty! Low salt spice mix unlike many other options out there! I can't wait to try more of the recipe ideas on the big cove foods website!