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T-Shirt 'Burrito Eating Hippo Head with Taco Enhancer' T-shirt

'Burrito Eating Hippo Head with Taco Enhancer' T-shirt

$31.50 – $41.00
Who doesn't want a hippo head surfing a beautiful wave while eating a burrito that we can only assume was made using our famous Taco Enhancer?
Spice Blends 'What's For Dinner' Bundle

'What's For Dinner' Bundle

Take charge of dinner again! This is YOUR time. These spice blends have been saving dinners in kitchens everywhere, and we know they'll find a special place in your week day when the...
Spice Blends Camp Like a Champ

Camp Like a Champ

Bring something special to the camp site this season. This curated pack of unique, spicy and savoury flavours will have you camping like a champ!  Included in this pack is a...
Cocoa Loco

Cocoa Loco

We are going loco for this cocoa; dreaming of the velvety smooth cocoa kicked up a notch with nutty, crunchy sesame and spicy ginger kick.
Coconut Crunch

Coconut Crunch

This tropical blend stirs up well in yogurt, or blend in smoothies! The crunchy texture also makes a great topping on muffins.
Spice Blends Dinner Rescue

Dinner Rescue

Dinner needs saving? You're in luck! We curated the Dinner Rescue pack to have everything you'd need to create the perfect dinner every time! From hearty herbs to a hint...
100 g; Glass Jar Egyptian Summer
100 g; Glass Jar20 g; Recyclable Pouch

Egyptian Summer

$3.99 – $12.99
Fill your kitchen with this aromatic blend; a beautiful medley of mediterranean flavours that will send your mind racing with incredible meal possibilities.
Spice Blends 110 g; Glass Jar Espresso Nice
110 g; Glass Jar20 g; Recyclable Pouch

Espresso Nice

$3.99 – $12.99
The Big Cove Foods version of your favourite steak spice! A peppery blend, with a subtle hint of sweet, rich espresso.
95 g; Glass Jar Ghost Taco
95 g; Glass Jar20 g; Recyclable Pouch

Ghost Taco

$3.99 – $12.99
The same great taste you know and love from our deepest, most flavourful 'Taco Enhancer' spice blend - only spicier with the power of ghost peppers.
Spice Blends Grill Master Bundle

Grill Master Bundle

Be the master of your own BBQ this season! These spice blends where the chosen ones; everyones top favourite when it comes to the grill, and we couldn't agree more....
90 g; Glass Jar Hot Jerk
90 g; Glass JarPouch - 20 g

Hot Jerk

$3.99 – $12.99
The Hot Jerk is not afraid of heat, daring and bold. Enoy these flavours in rice and beans or jerk BBQ chicken.

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