Dave's Food Finds @ OOAK Spring 2023 Part One

Here we are, a bunch of days after the Spring One of a Kind Show in Toronto. Does that mean that the fun has to end? Of course not, because I spent those five days wandering through the Enercare Centre... Tasting and trying almost everything in the food section of the show. It was a good size and I tried a lot of great stuff. And I did it all for you, selflessly really, just so I could tell you about the best new food finds I found.

I'm really excited to use this stuff in my kitchen.


I feel it needs a hashtag, because hashtags seem really popular with tradeshows and such.

The first one I found was...

sachili smoked red pepper chili infused topping
Sachili - Smoked Red Pepper - Chili Infused Topping

Sachili has 3 different chili infused toppings, but this one stood out to me. They told me that it was their top-seller and I believe it. Their other toppings were good.

This one was my favourite. 

It's not super spicy, but it has a great smokiness that compliments the chili flavour and it's crunchy. It's almost like taking a chorizo sausage and having it as a crispy topping.

Tasting it just now, a lot of great ideas are flooding in.

It would be a great addition to bread crumbs or a breading. It would go really well with some squid or even a simple butter and cheese pasta.

This topping has a good crispy garlic-y crunch, so I do want to use it to finish a dish. According to their website they are coming out with a pre-popped popcorn, which I am also excited to try.

The Heritage Bee Company - Ginger Infused Creamed Honey

Infused may be the word of the day. There were a lot of different flavour infused honeys at this show with lots of delicious honey.

This ginger infused one was my favourite.

It's special, and awesome in it's ginger-ness. It doesn't hold any punches and is full of flavour - I didn't know that you could make honey taste like this. I want to cook with this, but part of me just wants to keep eating from the jar. I'm going to be making some very tasty ribs or chicken wings with this soon.

I found a lot more amazing food products at the show so check back and don't forget the super awesome hashtag - #DFFOOAK23 

Love, Dave

PS - Did you go to the show and find something new that you love? Or do you have a food product that you think I have to try? Let me know!