How to Have the Taco Night of Your Life

Who doesn’t love a good taco night?* 

It’s one of the best nights you can have. 

You can do anything you want with a taco. Only limited by your own imagination.

Have a traditional authentic taco night. Have fried duck tongue taco night. Soft shell, hard shell, corn, flour, spicy or extra spicy – doesn't matter. You can make it taste good. Even in a rush.

One of the reasons we made Taco Enhancer was because we wanted to make the best taco spice blend.

We weren't in love those packets of taco spice you can find everywhere, wondering why it had so many weird ingredients. And the other ones that we tried just didn’t hit the mark. So I started playing around with the spices, balancing the flavours and experimenting. Lots of really difficult taco nights. 

The result was Taco Enhancer. Then we added pure Ghost Pepper powder to enhance the enhancer with the spicy but balanced Ghost Taco.

I wanted to share some quick tips to make every taco night the taco night of your life. Live your life and eat your tacos how you like.

Use Leftovers

Great way to use leftovers! Think of any leftover that's not soup and add the word taco to the end. It always works.

Lasagna Taco = good idea

General Tso's Chicken Taco = Yummy.

Leftover Nachos Taco = shut the fuck up, you genius!

We chop up and quickly sear leftover meat and use taco enhancer/ghost taco with sour cream as a sauce for extra taco taste.

Upgrade Veggies Quick

Add some Taco Enhancer/Ghost Taco, salt and a splash or two of lime juice to your veggies - like tomatoes, corn, avocados. Let it sit for 20 minutes and serve with a slotted spoon. Add some minced jalapeno or hotter pepper for more heat.

Have a crunchy topping

A nice crunch is always welcome to Taco Night. Chicharrones or fried pork rinds are a good option. If you have the patience and skill, crispy onions or shallots add a flavourful sweet crunch to any taco. Roasted and chopped nuts can also achieve this crunchiness. Also: shredded carrots. Chips.

Have hot sauce options

You want a variety of flavours and heat levels. My playlist looks like this:

1 - Super hot sauce
1 - Smoky hot sauce
1 - Table hot sauce
1 - Chipotle hot sauce
1 - Fruity/citrusy hot sauce
1 - New hot sauce

 Consider your shell

Making you own is pretty easy, especially if you have a tortilla press and a Sarah. Buy ones that look good or find someone local who makes good ones!

There are so many options to play with. 

It doesn't take to much effort to have your tortillas warm and it goes a long way.

Make this recipe

This carnitas recipe with Espresso Nice is sooo good.

Use different cheeses

The fast and easy way is to just grab a bag of the shredded tex-mex cheese.

Some of these even make promises of jalapeno or habanero, which is never spicy… I think they just show the shredded cheese a picture of the pepper and call it that.

If you have some time, you can shred your own blend.

Different cheeses can bring a lot of flavour to your taco night. Feta cheese is always a great addition to taco night.

Be creative. Add some gorgonzola or even a nice brie could transform your next taco night.

Have fun

Food always tastes better when you are having fun. If you are mad for taco night then you are missing out on what this is all about, man.

Love, Dave

PS - I know that we have a recipe for Carnitas using Espresso Nice that bangs but I'm not sure where it is. We will put it up soon.

*Only a fool, a crazy person or a five year old who asked you for a taco night because it's their favourite food in the world and then later that day when you already made the tacos for dinner, they decide that they actually hate tacos now, but they still like the candy type of tacos, whatever that is.