Dave's Food Finds @ OOAK Spring 2023 Part Deux

Let's get back to all the cool food I found at the Spring One of a Kind Show in Toronto, because there was a lot of great stuff. I just wanted to share the stuff that I actually bought and am excited about.

Don't forget the hashtag. They are very important and useful and not at all gibberish.


This list is not in any order of awesome, it is just a list of my food finds. I broke it up into parts - it's better that way.

sour cherry onion confit
Unifruits - Croque Cerise - Confit D'Oignons

 This lovely couple from Quebec was across from us at the OOAK show (I think are little section might have been the best. Might be biased.)  They have a whole lineup of products made with sour cherries. Which is awesome because the sour cherry is the best cherry. I love cherries and they make something using my favourite cherry - hard sell, I know. I loved their jams - all no sugar added, I believe. My family went crazy for their dried cherries coated in yogurt - the boys were fighting Papa over the last ones. Don't worry, I got Papa his own bag.

Every product I tried from them was superb, but one stood out as extra special and that was their sour cherry onion confit. It only has five ingredients (red onions, tart cherries, sugar, red wine, red wine vinegar) and as soon as I tried it, my mind was racing with all the things I could use it for.

It's definitely a savoury product with a sweetness from the sour cherry and onions. First thing I thought of was a seared duck breast. Or pork. They suggested baked brie and I agree. Can't wait to make something with this great onion confit.

no 7 mexican hot sauce reaper
No. 7 Mexican Hot Sauce - Reaper


When I walked up to their booth, they started feeding me samples of all their hot sauces starting from the least heat and I keep saying yes. They have a good lineup of tasty sauces, but I bought their hottest one.

Reaper has a delicious blend of three hot peppers, habanero, ghost pepper and, of course, reaper peppers. A burst of flavour with a heat that hits right away and a linger that only a ghost pepper can give you. I love a good hot sauce that brings a good taste with a nice heat. The sauce is nicely rounded out with papaya, onion and black garlic.

As soon as we got home, I smothered the burritos from burrito night with this. I want to make a super hot chili with this and Ghost Taco. Stay tuned.

I found a lot more amazing food products at the show so check back and don't forget the super awesome hashtag - #DFFOOAK23 

Do you have a food product that you think I have to try? Let me know!

Love, Dave

PS - I put together a Spotify playlist for you - Dave Food Blog: Cooking Music - Hip-Hop