The Secret to Deliciously Perfect Salmon

The Secret to Deliciously Perfect Salmon

When it comes to cooking salmon, achieving that balance between juicy, tender and a crispy, flavourful skin can be a challenge. Luckily, Kenji López-Alt, a culinary genius known for his innovative cooking techniques, has cracked the code with a simple yet transformative tip: salt.


Salmon requires a method that preserves the natural moisture while delivering that desirable crunch to the skin. López-Alt's solution? Dry-brining the fillets with salt. This technique involves applying salt to the salmon skin and letting it rest, allowing the salt to draw out excess moisture. This results in reducing the moisture content, which in turn minimizes spattering in the pan and paves the way for an exceptionally crisp skin.

Most testify that this is the only way to cook salmon. While adhering to the full overnight dry-brining might not always be in the cards, we've noticed that even a mere 30 minutes of pre-salting can make a big difference. The salt still gets a chance to work its magic!

Aftering searing the skin to the ultimate crisp, flipping the fillets to the flesh side not only makes for a beautiful colour on top but also ensures that the salmon is cooked throughout. This maneuver is optional - as some don’t even flip at all and still get their salmon's desired done-ness. The main goal: achieve that perfect balance between a tender, silky interior and a deliciously crispy exterior.

Pair this method with premium and sustainable salmon. We adore our local fishmonger, Afishionado, that connects local fishers and seafood suppliers with us fish-loving folk around Atlantic Canada.

So Kenji López-Alt's advice to salt your salmon before cooking may seem simple, but its impact is nothing short of game-changing. With the right salmon source and a focus on that dry-brine and crispy sear, you're well on your way to nailing the perfect salmon.

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