Mystery Dinners.

Mystery Dinners.

Cooking with what you already have hiding in your pantry can surprise you...


Last night, we didn't have a plan for dinner. And according to our 5 year old's dinner schedule (that he made...) we were scheduled to make a Big Cove Foods recipe.
Usually that means time preparing the idea and a run to the grocery store - we had time for none of that. Still determined to push out a delicious recipe using Big Cove Spices as per our child's instructions, we assessed the food scene.
First thing, check the pantry for grains or canned items. A lot can be planned around a can of white beans or chickpeas - which we usually keep stocked anyway. Or grains like rice or couscous can create some really versatile meals.


But what makes these spontaneous dinners work is ... yup, you guessed it. A good, flavourful spice blend! It's the duct tape that holds the ingredients together in a way you can feel confident about!
Sunshine Blend"It's the duct tape that holds the ingredients together..." 
I give you - our duct tape, I mean, latest Big Cove Foods recipe done on the fly with what we had. We've added some substitutes below the recipe to customize your own "duct tape' meal because it's not everyday we have burrata in the fridge... we got lucky on this round of "Mystery Dinners".

Lemon Braised White Beans and Burrata

Lemon White Beans and Burrata

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