Crispy Salmon with Maple Mustard

We scored some beautiful Faroe Island Salmon. Keeping it simple and using a strong technique is a recipe for success with this one. We wanted to make sure we achieved a crispy skin, medium rare center, and simple flavour that mingles well with the natural flavours of the fish. 

Obviously a job for Maple Mustard Hamonizer!

We learned a technique years ago from a source that I cannot remember now. But they seasoned the skin side liberally with salt and allowed the salt to naturally pull out any access moisture. Less water = crispier skin. 

Enjoy this simple way to cook a fine piece of salmon.


  • Salmon with skin on, about 1″ thick
  • salt
  • 1-2 Tbsp ‘Maple Mustard Hamonizer’ spice blend
  • 2-3 Tbsp neutral oil

Gently pat the salmon on both sides with a paper towel to remove as much water as you can. Season the skin side generously with salt and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Brush off any excess salt and again using a paper towel, remove all the excess water by applying pressure to the skin.

Heat a heavy bottom skillet or cast iron pan on med high heat, add enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan and heat until shimmering.

Place your fish skin side down in your pan and turn your heat down to medium. Take this times to sprinkle the ‘Maple Mustard Hamonizer’ spice blend evenly over the flesh side of the salmon.

Give it about 5-7 minutes, without disturbing it. We want a niiiiice crisp. Test to see if the skin can easily come off the pan, that’s when you know you’ve made a good crisp. Flip the fish and cook for just another 30 seconds to 1 minute. We prepared this fish to a medium rare doneness, add more time after flipping if you want it to be cooked more. Remove and allow to rest, skin side down, for a couple minutes on a paper towel lined plate.