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Crispy Salmon with Maple Mustard

We scored some beautiful Faroe Island Salmon. Keeping it simple and using a strong technique is a recipe for success with this one. We wanted to make sure we achieved a crispy skin, medium rare center, and simple flavour that mingles well with the natural flavours of the fish.

Obviously a job for Maple Mustard Hamonizer!

We learned a technique years ago from a source that I cannot remember now. But they seasoned the skin side liberally with salt and allowed the salt to naturally pull out any access moisture. Less water = crispier skin. 

Enjoy this simple way to cook a fine piece of salmon.



Maple Mustard Hamonizer

All-Natural / Gluten Free / Low Salt / No fillers / Clean, Inspiring Flavours

This medley of mustard and pure maple sugar dances together in a sea of herbs and spices. It's the ultimate duo, a harmony of flavours to add a little pep to busy week night dinner.

Tip: Add salt to taste to bring these flavours together, with you in control.

Must try: 
Salad dressing

Let these flavours inspire you.

pure maple sugar, mustard powder, herbs and spices, oregano, parsley, thyme, bay leaf, black pepper, onion, garlic, salt

Contains: Mustard
May Contain:
 Sulphites, Sesame

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