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Egyptian Summer BBQ Skewers


One of our favourite things for a quick meal is to BBQ some chicken with a Big Cove spice - but sometimes you need to up the game a bit!

These skewers take a bit more time, but look how beautiful and delicious they are! Definitely worth trying out - get the family involved!

We got inspired for this recipe from the cookbook 'Cookish' by Milk Streets Christopher Kimball and adapted it to one of our spice blends. We are thrilled with the results! 

Egyptian Summer spice blend loves the BBQ - add a bit of honey and lemon and you have one stellar combo of flavours that will make everyone happy! The Egyptian Summer's exotic flavour profile has a bit of a heat to it, but the honey and citrus level it out and you can pair it with a refreshing yogurt sauce. (quick recipe for that below!)


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