Jerk "Bickle" Chicken

You know, 'Bickles'!  - Bick's pickled hot peppers. I am officially changing its name.

This dish is to die for.

Simple, we didn't even bother to sear the chicken first. That's what a broiler is for! -- Ok only sometimes, please no hate mail over that. 

Just dump it together and go.

It has that kind of flavour where the next day you're just sitting at your desk trying to get some work done. And then you start dreaming about the 'Jerk "Bickle" Chicken' you had last night...

This recipe was courtesy of Dave's mom - and boy did she not steer us wrong.

Our Hot Jerk spice blend adds complexity and spice to this chicken, while the vinegar mellows it out and intensifies at the same time. 

We served over rice and some greens on the side!


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