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Maple Mustard KD

A classic childhood favourite for most, KD has entered your pantry at least once in your lifetime. Everyone's KD tastes different, even though it's the same box, same instructions. Everyone puts their own flare to it. Lots of butter, milky, 2 packs of cheese, ketchup on top - you name it. 

Let's add a little gourmet to this simple staple.

The Maple Mustard Hamonizer adds sweet and savoury to this tradition; a warming blend that is sure to add your own twist to impress yourself, and your friends.

Give it a try! 


Maple Mustard Hamonizer

All-Natural / Gluten Free / Low Salt / No fillers / Clean, Inspiring Flavours

This medley of mustard and pure maple sugar dances together in a sea of herbs and spices. It's the ultimate duo, a harmony of flavours to add a little pep to busy week night dinner.

Tip: Add salt to taste to bring these flavours together, with you in control.

Must try: 
Salad dressing

Let these flavours inspire you.

pure maple sugar, mustard powder, herbs and spices, oregano, parsley, thyme, bay leaf, black pepper, onion, garlic, salt

Contains: Mustard
May Contain:
 Sulphites, Sesame

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I could see the beauty in this idea. Clever.


This sounds weird, I know. But we’ve all been there: 2am, can’t be bothered. With Maple Mustard Hamonizer, it’s a reasonable decision to make.

Will CJ
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