Pork Spare Ribs with Hot Jerk Grape BBQ Sauce

Hello Hot Jerk, it’s been awhile!

Cooking with our spicier blends has become a tad more challenging when you have picky toddlers in the house. We paired this spicy blend with a fabulous grape jelly from My Grandfather’s Farm to off set the heat a bit and bring out those predominate jerk flavours we all know and love. A little acidity here is key to this BBQ sauce, and Boates Apple Cider Vinegar from right here in Nova Scotia provided just what it needed.

This sweet, yet still spicy, full flavour BBQ Sauce stole the show on these local pork spare ribs from Little Dorset Farms. We used the instant pot to cook them to a fall-off-the-bone texture, allowed them to cool and finished them off on the BBQ to sauce them up and get that grilled flavour.


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