I Suck at Meal Prep

I Suck at Meal Prep

Monday comes around and you stock your fridge with fresh vegetables and lean proteins, ready to save us from the incoming week of over-indulging on foods that wouldn’t be anywhere close to what you would find on [insert diet blog something here].

10 days later… 

I am cleaning the manky lettuce from my *new* special lettuce holding container, and wondering why I bought acorn squash when I really don’t enjoy eating acorn squash.

So how can I create a situation where I eat well without giving in to my over ambitious meal-prep-wannabe mind that I know is currently a vicious cycle of hit and misses. 

My personal solution: 

I’m rethinking the food items I’m stocking up on that help guide me in the right direction.


Do we prefer them? No. But unlike 10 day old spinach, it’ll have our backs when the moment strikes to add spinach to that creamy pasta we’re craving on a cold Thursday evening. Balance 😇


Give yourself longer shelf life items to achieve healthier eating at your own pace. Going from 0-100 is hard, and can lead to disappointment. Think about jarred roasted red peppers or artichoke hearts, you can add these to so many dished for extra nutrition.


(shocking right?) but honestly, have you ever had a blend that was so flavourful, with that ‘punch you in the face flavour’ that it basically created your meal for you?

It basically takes the items you have in your fridge and brings them all together in a meal you can feel good about. Just look for the one that speaks to you and gets your taste buds excited!
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