Who’s picking the dinner music?

Who’s picking the dinner music?

It's dinner time.
You're at the table with either yourself, your partner, your family or your friends.
Do you opt for the tunes before everyone starts eating, or is it already playing while you started cooking?
Music and food go hand in hand like spaghetti and meatballs. Sure you have spaghetti without meatballs - but it's so much more fun with it.

Why we put on the tunes during dinner time around here:


We have tiny humans. So we make it a dinner-time game to rotate who gets to pick the music. It makes them feel good when it's their turn, it teaches them new music when it's our turn and it keeps them semi distracted to sit in their dinner seats a wee bit longer. 


Who likes the sound of people chewing and forks clanking? [Insert music] to muffle the sounds. Keep it low if you want to still have a conversation, you still get a ton out of low playing dinner music.


It creates a whole vibe when music is apart of your dinner time. You can pick it based on your cuisine and away you go - taking yourself on a little trip around the world.
Here are some songs we would pick based on a recipe we created from our recipe blog:


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