Air Fryer Crispy Potatoes

We hear so many people have hopped on the air fryer train these past 6 months - and we can't blame you! It is a wicked invention...

As we all look for more convenient and exciting ways to cook, the gadgets of the world are keeping up with demand. We purchased the Instant Vortex air fryer this past Christmas, and oh the possibilities! If you have a different brand, this recipe will work too. Just toss the potatoes up if it isn't equipped with a rotisserie. 

We took one of our favourite ways to make potatoes and converted it into an Air Fryer recipe, using our 'Mary Had a Lot of Lamb' spice blend. The herbaceous aroma and light hint of lemon you get from the sumac will send your taste buds into pure bliss. As the air fryer conquers that crispy exterior we all crave and want. 

We tested this recipe a couple times, and the trick that gave us the crispiest edges was simply leaving it in a little longer. Dress these beauties with your favourite dipping sauce and enjoy the convenience of when Big Cove Foods meets Air Fryer. 



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