85 g; Glass Jar Mary Had a Lot of Lamb
20 g; Recyclable Pouch Mary Had a Lot of Lamb
Mary Had a Lot of Lamb
Mary Had a Lot of Lamb
Mary Had a Lot of Lamb
Mary Had a Lot of Lamb

Mary Had a Lot of Lamb

Size: 85 g; Glass Jar

85 g; Glass Jar
20 g; Recyclable Pouch

All-Natural / Gluten Free / Low Salt 

Move over everyday seasonings and make room for the new queen of spice, Mary Had a Lot of Lamb. This must-have blend is packed with the perfect combination of herbs, turmeric and sumac. 

We crafted this vibrant blend because no one should ever need to choose between great flavour and an easy meal – and with this blend you don’t have to! 

If you’ve got a hankerin’ for lamb, Mary has you covered – but she also knows how to bring the flavour with beef, pork, fish, potatoes… even soup and breads! No matter what your dish of choice is, Mary Had a Lot of Lamb has got the herbs and spices necessary to bring big bold flavour in a flash. 

If you’re looking for a fun way to liven up salads or other delicious eats, just combine our blend with some oil and lemon juice for an incredibly easy (and incredibly tasty) salad dressing. 


Must Tries:

Goat Cheese Bake
Air Fryer Potatoes

Let these flavours inspire you.

herbs and spices, sumac, sea salt, garlic, black pepper, sugar, red pepper flakes, onion powder

May Contain: Mustard, Sulphites, Sesame


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Laura W.
Tasty and fresh!!

Super happy with this purchase! this spice has a fresh taste and is so versatile! First night we purchased this we marinated chicken in this spice and added the BBQ. The following night we added to grilled potatoes. So tasty! Low salt spice mix unlike many other options out there! I can't wait to try more of the recipe ideas on the big cove foods website!


I love the amount of herb flavour on this spice, it tastes and smells like you are eating fresh herbs and spices. I love that it does not taste too salty like a lot of other spice blends. I wish that the rosemary was chopped a bit smaller. This makes a delicious salad dressing, can't wait to try it as a protein seasoning!

Bold flavour

I bought this spice to try on chicken and i was impressed with the flavour and spice level. It was my first purchase but it definitely won't be my last. The blend is unique and I'm happy i got it

Thank you so much! Be sure to check out our recipes for more ideas! Mary is incredibly versatile - there are so many things to try!
Hope to see you again soon!

Highly recommended!

Big Cove Foods Mary Had a Lot of Lamb is really good. I used it with chicken and it really enhanced the flavour. I wanted to try something different from what I normally use and was not disappointed. I would highly recommend.

Thanks so much! Each of our blends are carefully constructed, so don't stop there!
Hope to see you again!

GReat on potatoes!!!

Tried the Mary had a lot of Lamp seasoning and it was so good! I didn't know what to expect, but the hint of lemon was amazing! i put this on some roasted potatoes and chicken and it was to die for! The sumac flavor was a bit strong for some of my family members, but would probably work pretty well on some lamb. It was super fresh and the mix of spices was spot on for me. I might recommend to have a no sugar option as well! thanks so much - 4 stars!

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