Asian-Style Instant Pot Chicken with Kohlrabi Slaw

Have you ever heard people tell you that they cook up a whole chicken and their family can eat for a week?
Yeah, we can get about 2-3 meals out of 1 chicken. But these recipes are so worth it!

Last week we heard about a sweet, family farm right in Pictou County! Milltown Farm is selling their naturally raised, free range chickens and will even meet you in town to deliver! So of course we’re going to support that and give them a call. It did not disappoint!

We wanted a shreddable, fall of the bone texture here. So Instant Pot it is! Luckily we have the 8 quart size so we were able to fit 6 lbs of that hefty chicken in there. If you have a smaller one, you can cut the chicken up and it will fit a lot easier and you’ll get the same, spectacular results.
(Click here to see how Martha Stewart does it!)

Our Ancient Chinese Secret spice really rounded this dish together and the fish sauce being key to this flavour profile! If you’re not used to cooking with fish sauce, I recommend not smelling it first. In fact, grab your mask that we should all have handy right now. The saltiness from the soy sauce is balanced with sweet honey, and you can always add a bit more if you desire a sweeter flavour.

The crunchy kohlrabi slaw is the perfect freshness to compliment these complex flavours. We found some Kohlrabi from Way to Grow Garden, who have a fabulous, fresh selection of veggies at a top notch quality.

We’ve created 2 different dinner ideas here for you! Easily layer this on top of a bed of rice or turn them into tacos with some hoisin sauce and feta cheese!

Have another idea? Let us know!


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