Borecole Stamppot

 Do you have a family recipe that you remember growing up? The one you have to ask your mom for, who has to ask a cousin, who thinks it goes something like this, but it always turns out slightly different than when Beppe used to make it.

Around here, that's Borecole! (pssttt: It's all about the butter...)

Potatoes, kale and smoked sausage.

It's simple, hearty, delicious, KID FRIENDLY, customizable when it comes to seasoning - and non judgemental when it comes to butter quantities. 

We are daring to put a Big Cove Foods spin on my childhood classic and adding our Sunshine Blend; loaded with turmeric, lemongrass and a special *zing* from Apple cider vinegar powder!

Although Mary is our go-to for anything potatoes, and Porcini BBQ Genie would also be really delicious - the Sunshine Blend wins this round, possibly because we want to see it turn a fun yellow colour thanks to all that yummy turmeric.


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