Bramble Hill's Taco Inspired Chicken Salad

We had the delight of catching Cathy of Bramble Hill Farms in the kitchen as she made a salad for lunch using leftovers.

The beginning of the week is a perfect time to cook up your proteins to fuel you for the week ahead. What better way to tie roasted chicken together than with some fresh Bramble Hill pea shoots and Taco Enhancer sour cream dressing.

We encourage you here to add and use what's in your fridge, or on your produce shelf. Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions.. lets make a Taco inspired salad! 

The Taco Enhancer sour cream dressing will make sure all your ingredients get along in a beautiful, nourishing salad thanks to nutrient dense micro greens!

So much fun to watch, be sure to check it out on our YouTube Channel!
Check out the video below!


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