Crispy Skinned Salmon with Porcini BBQ Genie

We're taking your dinner game to a whole new level – our Crispy Skinned Salmon enhanced with the flavours of our Porcini BBQ Genie spice blend.

We've taken that perfect salmon fillet and treated it with the magic touch of Kenji López-Alt's - ensuring it boasts a skin so tantalizingly crispy that you'll swear it's been fried.

How did we do it, you ask?

The secret lies in the art of salting, allowing the moisture to be drawn out and leaving you with that irresistible texture. And that's not all – our Porcini BBQ Genie blend steps up to the plate with its deliciously complex flavours.

We're here to make your mealtime even more fantastic by whipping this up in just one pan. First to cook up that salmon with the skin you can't resist, and then transforming it into a luxuriously creamy sauce infused with the essence of porcini mushrooms. Making a dish that's easy on the cooking process but big on flavour.

Pair this salmon with anything like green beans, rice, crusty bread – whatever tickles your fancy. Because at the heart of it all, it's that sauce-slathered, crispy-skinned salmon that's going to steal the spotlight and win over tonight's dinner table.


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