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Egyptian Summer Eggplant Rigatoni



Eggplant season lands around the same time where we start to want some comfort food! Coincidence? Maybe not. Pasta it is! 

We love these large hearty noodles, so we kept the other elements just as large! The eggplant gets nicely braised as everything cooks in one pot! That's right, one pot pasta dinner. No boiling water and then the sauce, we would much rather save you time on dishes. 

Egyptian Summer has some heat to it, so we started with the one tablespoon. But what is great about Egyptian Summer is that you can pile it on to add more heat. Its low salt content is all apart of the design to bring flavour you can adjust as you wish. 


Egyptian Summer

All-Natural / Gluten Free / Low Salt / No fillers / Clean, Inspiring Flavours

Fill your kitchen with this aromatic blend; a beautiful medley of mediterranean flavours that will send your mind racing with incredible meal possibilities.

Its dry heat makes for a vibrant warmth to enhance most foods; including grains and vegetables.

Use a little, or use a lot - and season with a little salt to taste

Tips: Pairs extremely well with lemon - zest it, juice it; you're going to be swooning over Egyptian Summer to brighten up those winter months.

Must Try in:
BBQ Chicken
Yogurt Dip

Let these flavours inspire you.

herbs and spices, ajwan, cumin, sea salt, granulated garlic, szechuan pepper, black pepper, yellow sugar, red pepper flakes, mustard seeds 

Contains: Mustard
May contain: Sulphites, Sesame

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