Fool-Proof Espresso Nice + Cider Pulled Pork

It feels almost wrong to not have used the BBQ method on this beautiful long weekend – but when you’re low on time and you have all the fixin’s for pulled pork, you get out the pressure cooker.

In the end, you still achieve a fall apart, delicious pulled pork incorporated with all the flavours you desire. By searing the pork first, you add a depth you wouldn’t necessarily get if you just plopped it in. But by all means, drop and go if time is crazy tight for you!

The blood orange apple cider from Chill Street Brewery and Noggins Corner Farm was a fabulous local find for this braise. The acidity and bright flavours complimented the pork and Espresso Nice favour.

Our friends at Knoydart Cheese Farm make this crazy good ‘poppy seed & garlic’ cheese! We used it for our pulled pork sandwich and we were not disappointed.

Piled high, and even a little extra on the side of your plate, was a crunchy refreshing slaw that we just brightened with a little lime juice as the main flavour. Keeping the slaw simple allowed all the flavours of our pork to stand on their own. Many of your farmers by now will have your typical carrots and cabbage for the slaw – but try something different if that’s what your local is providing! Kohlrabi slaw, cucumber slaw. Zucchini slaw? We were going to try that because right now we have zucchini’s popping out of our eye balls. But another experiment for another time.

I love mayo, dave loves mustard, everyone loves BBQ sauce. Sauce this sandwich up with what you love! You can even just enjoy the flavours of the pork and buttered buns.

Needless to say, we still have some pork left over. Have you ever tried wrapping pulled pork in phyllo dough? Stay tuned.


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