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Grilled Brussels Sprouts with Halloumi

Brussels sprouts are kind of a big deal around here - especially once they start popping up at our local farmers market!

We enjoy the classic pairing of the Brussels sprouts with pancetta, onion and balsamic roasted in a hot oven. But what happens when you still have no power thanks to hurricane Fiona?

Grilled Brussels Sprout Skewers!

We gently cooked the Brussel sprouts before hand in the microwave (thank you generator power) to help soften them before grilling. (We apologize for how your kitchen smells afterwards!) And then tossed the ingredients with our Red Rub spice blend and layered them on metal skewer sticks to cook over hot coals.

So delicious, we can’t wait to share with you!

We added halloumi, the grilling cheese, to the recipe - just take a look at the different brands and watch the sodium level, Halloumi can be quite salty but varies between brands.


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Red Rub

All-Natural / Gluten Free / Low Salt / No fillers / Clean, Inspiring Flavours

The sweet and peppery annatto seed is often used for colouring due to it's bright red-orange exterior. But with its flavour and colouring abilities combined, how could we not turn it into a spice blend? 

We combined it with tangy ripe mango (amchur) and the zest pow of orange to give you a blend that's ready to hop into your dish at any given moment. 

This has been our go to for ribs since day one and you will be pleasantly surprised by it's power to handle hardy root vegetables and grains.

Use a little, or use a lot - and season with a little salt to taste.

Let these flavours inspire you.

herbs and spices, annatto seeds, tarragon, yellow sugar, granulated garlic,  onion powder, black pepper, sea salt, orange peel, sichuan pepper, amchur

May Contain: Mustard, Sulphites, Sesame

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