Instant Pot Espresso Beef Stew

I'm not a fan of the phrase "dump and go", but that's exactly what's happening here. You take a look at whats in your fridge, assess and add ingredients you think may work well together. Close the lid and see what happens!

The secret to great "dump and go's" is a bold flavour to tie your ingredients together - like duct tape! The Instant pot or slow cooker takes care of the hard work and all you get to do is pick our flavours.

Espresso Nice is our go-to steak spice, Sunday roast, chicken, beef stews - you get the idea. So it was a no brainer this is what we're adding tonight. It peppery-ness with a subtle hint of coffee is such a well rounder, bold flavour you'll use on rotation.

Change up the vegetables to what you have and enjoy the freedom of a "dump and go".


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