Lemon Braised White Beans and Burrata

Last night, we didn't have a plan for dinner. And according to our 5 year olds dinner schedule (that HE made...) we were scheduled to make a Big Cove Foods recipe.

With little time to plan, we used what we already had. Which I'll admit, was a little more than usual at the time but we'll give you some great substitutions here as well.

My first instinct is to check the pantry for canned items like beans, chickpeas or grains like rice, couscous or farro. These items are versatile and create a really solid building block for whatever the heck I'm about to make.

But really what takes spontaneous meals from “meh..” to “oh yeah!” is a good solid, flavourful spice blend.

I know, shocking right. But here me out…

You don’t have to think about flavour, what to season, what will taste good. We’ve done it for you. Just pick your favourite flavour (we used Sunshines) and see what happens.

Think of spice blends like the duct tape for your last minute, throw it together dinners. It’s gonna save your butt in a pinch.


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