Loaded Market Nachos

When someone shows you a picture of their nacho platter; you will be thinking of nachos until you finally cave and make some nachos.

We love when our customers think outside the box and inspire us!
Nachos; obviously we would use our Taco Enhancer, but not today. A friend made herself some vegan nachos with our Maple Mustard Hamonizer and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results with our own nacho experiment.

And THIS… is what we love about our products. The versatility and adaptability; these blends want to be free of labels!

We based this recipe on ingredients that we could find that morning at the farmers market. All we had to do was add some chips, sour cream and cheese to the list of ingredients. (but don’t most of us already have those currently in our possession at all times?)

Tomatoes have been eaten daily here since they started popping up, so no brainer they were going to make an appearance here. We made a quick, fresh tomato salsa to add on top after these nachos came out of the oven. Resulting in a vibrant, fresh bite to go with our naughty, cheesy chips; balance my friends.

We were able to locally source the beef, the tomatoes, the jalapeno, the green peppers, the green onions, the red onions, the garlic and the crafted spice blend! 😉

Results? A nacho platter you can feel good about.

So source out your local farmers markets, or your neighbours vegetable garden, and enjoy.


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