Mediterranean Spinach and Coconut Soup

We know that sometimes vegetables can get a bit of a bad rap, often labeled as "boring" or "meh." But the secret to transforming your veggies from dull to delightful lies in a really good flavour to tie them together - and something that you'll want to make on repeat.

As the crisp air of the cooler months starts to creep in and fresh produce becomes a little harder to come by, we're rethinking what we're picking up from the grocery store. Frozen vegetables can be your saving grace, keeping you nourished as virus season creeps in.

Here's a quick and simple recipe that's about to become your new cold weather favourite – our Egyptian Summer spinach soup. Our Egyptian Summer spice blend is a powerhouse of flavour and we can show you that even the most humble ingredients can shine with the right seasoning, bringing warmth and inviting aromatics.

So grab your cozy mug, and let's get cooking!


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