One-Pot Summer Style Puttanesca

Get Ready to Fall in Love: One-Pot Summer Style Puttanesca


We've got a recipe that's about to rock your summer vibes; the "One-Pot Summer Style Puttanesca." 🎉🌼

We know summer is all about kicking back, soaking in the sun, and enjoying delicious food without spending ages in the kitchen. This dish is your new go-to if you want awesome flavour in half the time - and half the effort and clean up.

Imagine cooking up a storm and only having one pot to clean up afterward. No mountains of dirty dishes, just a happy belly and a few minutes of your time. Our One-Pot Summer Style Puttanesca is here to make life easy and tasty – because who wants to fuss around in the kitchen when there's sunshine waiting for you outside?

We've got the secret weapon in our pantry, the "Mary Had a Lot of Lamb" spice blend. This thing is like a flavour bomb in a bottle, seriously. It's got all those herby, zesty, and downright irresistible notes that we know you'll love. We've sprinkled it into our One-Pot Summer Style Puttanesca to take this classic to a whole new level.

As always, let us know what you think!


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