Quinoa Bowl with "Peanut" Sauce

Grain bowls check off all the boxes; healthy, delicious, customizable and delicious. Doubled the delicious. And when it comes to a peanut sauce, it's a win win.

When you have a nut allergy in the family, you got to get creative to find replacements for alternatives. Nuts just add so much goodness!! So it felt like a no brainer to try using Wow Butter in a peanut sauce! 

Our Sesame Secret (Ancient Chinese Secret) spice blend hit all the right notes in what you want in a peanut sauce so adding complimentary ingredients to form this sauce was easy and effortless.

Our 4 year old was licking the spoon. I am actually pretty sure he just ate "peanut" sauce for dinner that night.

We went the quinoa route - but you can use any kind of grain; brown rice, barley, farro. Just cook according to the products directions and away you go!

Same with the toppings, feel free to use what you want to get rid of in the fridge!! Roasted peppers, half a cauliflower, leftover chicken, etc..



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