Red Rub Spiced Beef Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce wraps! Light and crispy, but still packed with flavour.

We are loving this ‘Batavian’ lettuce from our New Glasgow Farmers Market finds, grown by ‘Way to Grow Gardens‘. It makes for great lettuce cups, wraps up like a little lettuce burrito.

Here we are with that mint again! Over the past couple years, we have grown such an appreciation for all herbs and their potential to really transform anything into a vibrant punch of flavour. That stubborn mint that can grow through even a crack in the cement, we are now finding many uses for. Try adding torn pieces to your next salad, great paired with yogurt based dressings.

If you follow our recipes, you would know by now our infatuation with rice. It could be partly due to the fact that we have a great rice cooker and it is so easy to just through on some rice. So we filled these lettuce wraps with a layer to create a bit more of a filling lettuce wrap, but you will still get all the great flavours if you choose to omit it.

This filling mixture came together without much of a thought it is that easy, and we had the ingredients on hand already. We had stocked up on a few pounds of ground beef from our friend Danny at Little Dan D’s and had a few carrots left from the wonderful folks at Streamside Farms. Add a little acidity from the sherry vinegar and spice from our popular blend, Red Rub, and it comes together in a well balanced lettuce wrap filling, suitable for any lettuce wrap lover! A few slices of fresh jalapeno from Small Holdings Farms gave us a little extra punch and crunch! Embrace the little extra heat if you can as this crunchy vibrancy really brings this lettuce wrap home.


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