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Reverse Sear Smoked Tri-Tip with Fresh Salsa

Is it possible that Fall BBQ'ing is even better than Summer BBQing It's cooler outside and you can get into the heartier meals!

Last time I went to the Masstown Butcher Shop, they had a beautiful tri-tip roast, so I picked it up. I have never cooked it before and was excited. I knew that Espresso Nice would be a great choice for this and did some research on the tri-tip.

The tri-tip is a triangle shaped cut taken from the bottom sirloin, which is usually used for making burger or stew meat. Using the reverse sear method for this cut lets you have a nice smokey flavour for a very tasty cut of beef. Traditionally this cut is served with a nice fresh tomato salsa which is perfect for this time of year with all the tomatoes and jalapeno's still locally available.


Espresso Nice


All-Natural / Gluten Free / Low Salt / No fillers / Clean, Inspiring Flavours

The Big Cove Foods version of your favourite steak spice! A peppery blend, with a subtle hint of sweet, rich espresso.

Designed special for those Sunday night, roast beef dinners. But it far exceeded our expectations and now we use it on everything.

Use a little, or use a lot - and season with a little salt to taste.

Tip: Our secret to the best, and easiest, lazy weeknight dinner? 
-> chicken thighs • lots of Espresso Nice • and if you have it, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce -- cook in the oven or over a charcoal grill. These flavours are delicious - report back when you try it.

Must Tries:

Let these flavours inspire you.

spices, parsley, oregano, red pepper, garlic powder, sugar, sea salt, black pepper, espresso

May Contain: Mustard, Sulphites, Sesame

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