Sheet Pan Chicken with Red Rub and Chickpeas

We really love the concept of the 'sheet pan recipes'. They're quick and easy, with lots of room for substitutions. A very forgiving strategy to creating easy meals when time and cooking "umph" isn't on your side.

We loved how the chickpeas turned a bit crunchy in this sheet pan recipe. It adds a nice texture and crunchiness we all crave. If you want a softer chickpea turn out, then instead of a sheet pan, use an 8x8 or 9x13 dish, and cover to cook. You can take the cover off to let it brown for a few minutes at the end too to get the best of both worlds.

Red Rub is a champion spice when it comes to chicken and legumes - it offers it's bold flavour while still letting the ingredients shine. Its medium spice level is a welcome treat as it sneaks up on you mid meal and enhances flavour right til the end.

You can try this recipe with Taco Enhancer, Egyptian Summer or our Mary Had a Lot of Lamb too!


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