Cheesy Tomato Taco Dip

You have most likely heard us gushing about our ever so simple Taco Enhancer Sour Cream. Well, we just "enhanced" it. 

We were inspired by the abundance of fresh market vegetables, in full swing now with the sadness of slowing down in the very, very near future here in Canada. How can we eat a bunch of crisp, local veggies at once?

Make a dip to eat them with!

We made a super quick, fresh tomato salsa to layer with local, shredded cheddar cheese which all sit nestled on a floor of our taco enhancer sour cream. You just need to turn on the broiler and melt the cheese to a nice bubble.

... mmmm bubbling cheese.

The fresh, locally grown ingredients made for a wonderful flavour you can feel good about. The high peak season is short here in Nova Scotia, don't wait until it's too late.

If the steps here are too much, because we get it - sometimes a dip is for when you want something right. now. You can always fall back on our trusted mixture of simply 1 cup of sour cream to 1-2 tbsp of Taco Enhancer spice blend


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