Tofu Fried Rice


You don't have to be a vegetarian to love tofu! Its soft texture and adaptability to take on so many different flavours makes it a key star ingredient to lots of dishes. (hello fried tofu! a recipe here)

Fried rice is usually something we prepare when we made too much rice the night before. It benefits from sitting in the fridge overnight when the grains of rice become less sticky to each other and more their own person. If you make fresh rice to make this dish, will still be amazing. After it is finished cooking, spread it out on a baking sheet and allow to cool slightly and then refrigerate until ready to use. 

We went with carrots, edamame pods and water chestnut, but don't let that stop any creativity - add and replace any veggie you may have on hand. Perhaps bok choy or cabbage?

We made extra sauce so you can save some for serving, it's nice to have that option. Serve with some sriracha or chilli crisp oil to add some heat!


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