Collard Green Rolls

Want to really get inspired for dinner? Just talk to your local vegetable producers! 

We were looking for lettuces at our local farmers market for another recipe idea when we spotted these broad leafy greens. The idea for these collard green rolls came directly from the producer herself. Talking with your local famers can inspire you in so many ways, introduce you to new produce and give you copious amounts of ideas on how they use it. If you put that much time and effort into growing it, you are going to have a few ideas up your sleeves on how to create something delicious out of it.

These delightful rolls are very cabbage roll "ish".
I've never really been successful in making cabbage rolls, but these little morsels of stuffed goodness turned out superb!

Our Red Rub spice blend takes on heartier vegetables and sturdy leafy greens very well! If you want a bit of a spicier punch, you should definitely add a little more. We encourage it!

When cooking for our toddler, we tend to not go as heavy as we are still introducing him to the spice world. But using our line of blends daily in our dinners has been the perfect solution to showing him a broad span of different flavours. 

** We had a little bit of the filling left over, it made for the BEST late night snack.

Makes 8-10


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